B2B SaaS Product (Car Tech)

How we increased Facebook Ads ROAS with UGC creatives for B2B product

60% decrease in Facebook CPA for B2B SaaS product

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Project Timeline


Increased in ROI revenue

Project Overview

B2B SaaS business was struggling to improve purchases via Facebook Ads and achieve consistency in Cost-per-purchase as well as Purchases generated.

Other revenue sources seemed to be consistent, however they were unsure whether Facebook Ads is actually a viable channel for them. They asked for support in identifying new opportunities with Facebook Ads, as well as in other areas.

Project Execution

As an immediate solution, we conducted a Positioning workshop to understand a little bit more about the traits of their Ideal Customer Profile. Shaping the ICP allowed us to develop a better strategy for Facebook Ads - by implementing a consumer-centric approach. We decided to take a page out of the B2C playbook and implement video ad creatives that are normally not common in the B2B space - User Generated Content.

We sourced a few different creators to be able to test different scripts and perspectives, as well as different variations of the videos (long format or short format, with subtitles or without). These creatives were originally developed for a top of funnel campaign.

Additionally, we developed a few static creatives that highlighted the main pain point as well as benefit for the customers. The purpose of these creatives was to work together with the UGC video creatives towards conversion (retargeting).


→ 60% reduction in Cost-Per-Purchase by simply implementing a B2C style creative.

→ Consistency in purchases, and incremental increases month on month

→ 20% lower Cost-per-purchase on Google Ads as an indirect result

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