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How we added £35k in revenue in 10 months and turned our client into the "go-to" provider

Sky high ROAS and 7.5% revenue growth

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Project Timeline


Increased in ROI revenue

Project Overview

A government service provider in Sydney, Australia reached out to us, seeking to expand its market presence and identify new opportunities for revenue growth. The client recognised an untapped potential in the market, as none of their competitors were engaging in any market activities. The first thing they asked for was guidance on what they could do to further increase their revenue and grow the business.

Project Execution

Our approach was simple. We start with a positioning workshop, then we move into strategy development and implementation.

UGC Creative for Facebook Ads

Positioning Workshop:

We conducted a comprehensive workshop to identify customer pain points, Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) that we could target, and key messaging. This workshop helped us come up with a two-tiered strategy, targeting both customers as well as partners.

We implemented a two-tiered marketing funnel, B2C + B2B.

For the B2C side, we implemented Facebook Ads and Google Ads, where we allowed ourselves to step outside the comfort zone with the creatives and pushed video creatives, UGC creatives, static creatives, all whilst focusing primarily customer's pain points and the consequences of inaction.
The Facebook ads were optimised for purchases, but we also used it as a channel to raise awareness around the brand name. Google Ads were used as a demand capture tool, as they do a great job capturing prospects with high purchase intent.

For the B2B side, we implemented a monthly newsletter to lawyers to ensure the brand name stays top of mind for when they have a customer with a traffic offence.


  • Facebook Ads: Achieved an average ROAS of 8.10 over 10 months.
  • Google Ads: Generated an exceptional ROAS of 35.78.
  • Revenue Growth: Increased revenue by 7.5% in 10 months, resulting in an additional A$60.5k for the client.
  • B2B Engagement: Newsletter boasted open rates exceeding 40% and click-through rates over 23%, fostering responsive engagement from lawyers.

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