Lead Generation

Deliver, nurture and convert high-quality leads

We use three different tactics that work together as a marketing system to generate better quality leads and ultimately convert.

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Our Process

3 different tactics to help you grow your business

We understand the 'one size fits all' approach just doesn’t work in today’s digital culture. Each business requires a custom lead generation strategy, suitable to the service/product they offer.

We use three main tactics for generating, nurturing and converting leads: content, paid ads and email automation. These can function together as a marketing system, or on its own, depending on the business structure and offering.

Together we can identify what works best for your business.

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1. Through content

We create high-quality, original content pieces that act as lead magnets, such as: eNewsletters, social media posts, blogs, case studies, videos etc.

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2. Through Paid Advertising

We run highly-targeted lead generation ads on Facebook and/or LinkedIn to provide higher-quality leads that are ready to be converted.

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3. Through Email Automation

Using the latest platforms and technologies, we personalise and automate email funnels to engage with cold leads, nurture them and convert.

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