Lead Generation: A Beginner’s Guide

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Lead Generation: A Beginner’s Guide

As a main objective of the businesses, companies have been investing more in lead generation processes. With all these modern marketing tools and the immense opportunity social media presents, we are now able to fine-tune our lead generation strategies to make sure we provide you with highly qualified prospects who are ready to buy.

What is a lead anyway?

A lead is anyone who shows interest in your service or product by providing their contact information (usually name and email). By providing this information, they allow you to get in touch with them.

Based on how and where the contact information was submitted, users enter a lifecycle that is meant to convert them from visitors to customers. This means we can categorise leads as follows:

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL): Users who have expressed interest in your product/service but are not yet ready to buy (e.g. subscribing to a newsletter to receive an offer).

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL): Users who have expressed interest in becoming paying customers (e.g. downloading a brochure, or filling out a form to request more information about the service/product).

Product and Service Qualified Leads (PQL and SQL): Users who have tried your product and/or service and would like to become paying customers. This usually applies to businesses who offer free trials or samples.

What is the process?

It’s simple. There are a few elements that have to be considered:


Help users discover your business via various marketing channels. Social media is a very powerful tool when it comes to reaching new users.


A ‘call-to-action’ phrase is crucial to this cycle. It can be as a button, an image, a sentence in your caption, and it needs to encourage users to take some sort of action (e.g. visit website for more information, click the link to download brochure)

Landing Page

Users need to be redirected to a landing page where you can capture information in exchange for what you are offering.


Now that you have the users where you wanted, host a form on the landing page to get all the information you require.

And you have a lead! Now it’s up to your sales team to convert it into a paying customer!

Lead Generation Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, we help you build various automation processes to enable lead generation. Our main focus is on the first step mentioned above – ATTRACT – and the channels we use in building our lead generation strategy:


You can get leads organically by creating meaningful content for your audience. We do an in-depth market and competitor research to identify what your audience would like to learn from you and create content that will take users to desired landing pages.


This is the best way to reach your ideal audience and to receive qualified leads. Everything needs to be optimised, from targeting to landing page, whilst also giving users an incentive good enough for them to give out their contact information. At Nude Digital, we specialise in lead generation ads and have a proven track record of successful campaigns.


If you already have a database of subscribers, it makes it much easier to reach out to them and convert them into Sales Qualified Leads. Emails tend to have low open rates, so make sure you use a compelling subject line, and design an eye-catching template with a clear CTA.

Social media

Besides providing users with meaningful content, social media has features that facilitate traffic to the website, such as Instagram’s swipe-up option or link trees in bio. You can also advertise your offers organically and ask users to visit the landing page with a clear CTA.

Depending on your industry and audience, we can choose the appropriate platforms to advertise on. Most B2B companies prefer to use LinkedIn as a lead generation channel, however it doesn’t always have to be the case. Facebook is a great way to reach potential customers, as it currently has 2.8 billion users.

If you’d like to get a lead strategy in place, but don’t know where to start, get in touch with us and speak to one of our lead generation specialists.

+7 years of marketing experience, working with global companies like Informa, Tesla, JBL, Coca Cola.